Why Choose Cowva

Designed to be secure and efficient

Cowva hosts your vaccination records securely and ensures that you can easily create, manage and share records with your patients seamlessly. Your patients are also reminded of their follow up vaccines and can self report adverse events timely.

Designed for flexibility

Cowva includes free support, free onboarding, free training, and clear and simple pricing that ensures you know exactly what you pay for.

Verify Vaccination Records

Your clients can easily verify and share proof of their vaccination records in real-time.


Get real-time reports of your vaccinations, consumption data, client base and reminder delivery.

Send Vaccination Reminders

Help your clients stay up to date with upcoming vaccinations. With timely reminders, (SMS, email, WhatsApp) you ensure your clients are fully protected.

Record Vaccinations

Manage your client’s history, immunisation dates, allergies and adverse events efficiently.

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